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Riverdale First Episode Review


A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.

–  IMDb Riverdale Page

Literally just saw the first episode of Riverdale.

Okay, I am an absolute sucker for any story that has a writer/storyteller in its midst. As anyone who has seen at least one episode knows, the story is actually narrated by a character like this. Thus, I like it.

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asdfghjkl music

If there is one thing, one single thing that unites the entirety of our world, that erases geographical borders and waves goodbye to the difference in language, that makes your head nod and your eyes smile no matter the type or color — it’s music.


Oh music, it will make you shimmy and cry and it’ll let you vent and fuel your excitement. What a lovely thing.

See, I love music. I love singing. Or trying to. I love tapping along if it’s a really good rhythm and I just can’t help myself. Or humming along if there’s a particularly catchy song skipping merrily inside my head. And it’s always there, isn’t it? It safeguards memories and feelings, painful or otherwise. Sort of a TARDIS, it can take you back to other times and another world, perhaps, even to another you. Or him. Or her. Or us.

So whether it may be a 100-year-old ballad or the sketchiest song this decade, or the most basic song in the radio or a renown classic — listen and soak it up as you would sunshine on a picnic day, let it guide your body as if it had you under the imperio curse, yell the lyrics and head bang to the beat and miss the high notes and let it drown out your cries and let it be the soundtrack to your wondrous, tearful, joyful and life-filled story. 

I can promise you, I will do the same.
– Vanessa

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Christina C Jones

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If I had to describe love with one word, I suppose ‘crazy’ would suffice. ‘Insane’, ‘traumatic’, ‘consuming’, would do as well though.

Simone is a beautiful woman who owns a flower shop and is ready to fall in love. Fortunately for her, Roman enters the picture one day and they immediately click. Of course, love is the most wondrous disaster there is in this universe so things get sometimes complicated, sometimes heated, but always interesting. Simone stands firm as woman, which I dearly enjoyed reading as a young lady, and she makes sure the love she was looking for was right. Roman, fortunately for him, is a good man who also wants a good, healthy relationship and so, after a few break ups and surprises and make ups and cheesy songs — they find that weird, complicated, crazy but ultimately beautiful thing called love.

It was a good story. I stumbled upon it during the right mood, looking for something light and heartful. The premise was simple enough and being a 263-pages-long book, it was a good length. Love stories are peculiar things, that can easily be overdone, overplayed and/or boring due to too many consecutive clichés. Fortunately this was a good one, I don’t make a conscious effort to read books with something other than white characters but maybe I should, and not only was Simone and Romans race refreshing but also the maturity of the characters. Granted, I don’t really read adult fiction so I guess it’s not really a mystery why, huh?

Anyways, perhaps I should read more adult fiction, for reading about a grown woman who had her own business, a successful one for which she cared, was really nice. It’s the right sort of images I should put into my head you know? Also, as I mentioned, I saw a good healthy relationship in between Simone and Roman which, although I have seen other good examples of relationships to follow (Feyre and Ryhsand — looking at you OTP), it was lovely to see such in a much more plausible situation. Also I could appreciate Christina’s good job, incidentally, in capturing the intensity of the beginning of falling in love.

Something about him lit a flame in me, and I had an inexplicable desire to see how hot it could burn.

Her writing wasn’t really anything remarkable but it wasn’t bad either. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, as it was what I was looking for at the moment, and that added to a good set of characters (three dimensional and with enough of that something that I grew fond of them), and I now trust her to give me something good when in the mood for a nice, heartfelt read. I am aware she has a few books out, including the sequel to A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and although I don’t think I will get to that, I definitely will try out some of her other stories.

I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads because although it was a good book within itself, it didn’t blow me away nor reel me up like others have done before thus, I couldn’t rate it too well. Still, if you’re up for a cute and hot story of the love between a flower shop lady and a coffee shop guy — all yours my dude, all yours.

– Vanessa

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Chapter One: the first blog post

     Am I a consistent, centered adult who knows what she’s doing with her life? No. Do I try to be? Eh, sometimes.

     Hello, I’m Vanessa and I like to procrastinate and read. I also like movies and TV shows as well as getting too attached to fictional characters. As a person fond of words and stories I of course, feel inspired to write some of my own. Thus this blog.

     You are welcomed to join me as I review books and movies, as well as rant about whatever runs in my mind at the time and even some personal blog posts if I feel inclined to share anything. Merely press follow, wherever it appears and ta-dah! You will be able to keep along with my sarcastic, slightly cynical, hopefully time-gap-less blog.

     Hoping none of your favorite characters die,