asdfghjkl music

If there is one thing, one single thing that unites the entirety of our world, that erases geographical borders and waves goodbye to the difference in language, that makes your head nod and your eyes smile no matter the type or color — it’s music.


Oh music, it will make you shimmy and cry and it’ll let you vent and fuel your excitement. What a lovely thing.

See, I love music. I love singing. Or trying to. I love tapping along if it’s a really good rhythm and I just can’t help myself. Or humming along if there’s a particularly catchy song skipping merrily inside my head. And it’s always there, isn’t it? It safeguards memories and feelings, painful or otherwise. Sort of a TARDIS, it can take you back to other times and another world, perhaps, even to another you. Or him. Or her. Or us.

So whether it may be a 100-year-old ballad or the sketchiest song this decade, or the most basic song in the radio or a renown classic — listen and soak it up as you would sunshine on a picnic day, let it guide your body as if it had you under the imperio curse, yell the lyrics and head bang to the beat and miss the high notes and let it drown out your cries and let it be the soundtrack to your wondrous, tearful, joyful and life-filled story. 

I can promise you, I will do the same.
– Vanessa


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