The Hunger Games Trilogy Reread | fangirling, feels and fictional characters

Now it has been years since The Hunger Games trilogy ended with Mockingjay, since then we haven’t received anything new except the speculation and rumors of perhaps more movies. Will this be? Probably, it will (if done correctly) be a gold mine just as its predecessors. While that happens though, I thought I’d give them a reread. Here’s what happened.

Surely at this point, you know what The Hunger Games trilogy is about. If not, then it is a science-fiction/dystopian story about an abusive government that created an event called The Hunger Games as penitence for an attempted revolution, where all 12 districts are forced to sacrifice two children (a male and a female between the ages of 11 – 17), who will be thrown into an arena to fight saved to death til one remains. Until the 74th Hunger Games, where the odds do not favor the one little 11 year old girl with an incredibly strong and unintentionally rebellious older sister. Katniss Everdeen creates a chain reaction that reaches the very earth beneath the Capitol, and in a painstakingly realistic narrative, a revolution, this time, actually unfolds.

Was it as good as I remember? Yes. It was, also shorter than I recall. Not entirely sure why. Now this story is a bestseller for a reason. The Hunger Games is such a realistic portrayal of human behaviour that it’s hard to like the characters. Katniss isn’t a likeable girl. She’s selfish and has trust issues. She’s bitter and pessimistic. And she has every right to be. I’ve seen firsthand how much your surroundings affect the type of person you become and so, Katniss is just the product of poverty, unfortunate accidents and an unjust government. Now though she won’t Miss Congeniality, that she is a strong character, smart, tough and determined none can deny. I admire her, and fortunately or unfortunately can relate to her in many ways. It makes her one of my favorite characters actually, how messed up she was but how incredibly tough she also is. What a good character. I’m sure there’s still more to learn from her.

The other characters were great too, of course none other stole my heart like Peeta Mellark. I think we are all used to disappointments and untrustworthy people that to meet a boy like Peeta, someone good and lovely, well it would make anyone fall in love, eh? Mrs. Collins did an excellent job in giving all her characters a life of their own, that now thinking about it as writer, I will definitely learn from her and try to do so as well. Haymitch, Effie, Prim, Snow, Boggs, Finnick, all those characters – truly a wonderful job.

Regarding the world-building, it was great. I’m not too keen on high fantasy books because if they go too much in on exposition, I get bored. Mrs. Collins however, though created a detailed, believable world that made me hungry quite frequently actually, also managed to not sort of word vomit and make me sick of it.

Now, the thing about her writing style is that it’s not particularly amazing? However she is amazing. I mean – she is wicked good at propaganda with lines like:

If we burn, you burn with us!

Which, I got so pumped up reading let me tell you. It was amazing. She had quite a few witty one liners everywhere so definitively a spectacular writer of her own accord.

Now yes, losses happen, tragedy after tragedy and no we do not get a happy ever after but rather a somewhat mentally unstable partner, a traumatized alcoholic for a neighbor and PTS causing nightmares and whatnot but that’s why it is such a great story. It shows the worse of humans, willing to kill children for power and riches, willing to stab each other in the back, as rabid as any animal if provoked too far and it’s all pathetically true. We’re complex and impressionable. We get scars and traumas. We don’t forgive and we don’t forget. We’re humans. And though I hate it so much — okay a lot of the time — it still means I get to hope. And love. And have hobbies, and family and friends, and giggle and flush. It is honest. It doesn’t sugar coat anything. I can admire and respect that.

– V


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