About Vanessathefangirl

I was given the name Vanessa, without consultation when I was born. I could not talk let alone form an opinion so, fair enough. I was born April 23rd, and I do accept birthday presents from whoever so don’t hold back, in the famous-for-it’s-gangs city Oakland, California. In late 2009 after staying a few months in Texas, I moved to Mexico where there I lived (or ignored everyone and got into so many fandoms) up until January of 2017. Currently back in Texas, so if you wanna hit me up and go to the movies ya sabes.

When I was smaller I wanted to be a police officer. Then I wanted to be a lawyer. Then a writer. Always low-key a spy, if I’m honest. Now, however that life has thrown this awful thing called “adulthood” at my face, and I actually have to do something with my life, I have chosen to pursue what I have somewhat recently and not so easily found. Stories. 

     I love stories. They surpass the obstacles of time and mortality, they hold and share secrets and dreams — and I want to help with that. You are more than welcomed to see me try. You can do so by keeping up with this blog, and checking out my other links like for my YouTube channel and my Wattpad account. All down below (I think).