dude. i dont even know

I low-key just wanted to post the title because I feel like that expresses me fairly well at the moment. However, that wouldn't be a very good blog post and so I need to write my rant. Who knows? Maybe I'll feel better by the end of it. Okay, so basically what's happening is life... Continue Reading →


it’s hard

Life is hard. It's hard keeping track of time, it's hard managing it, it's hard prioritizing - correctly. It's hard working everyday and paying bills and dealing with other humans and dealing with yourself. I would like to return. You see, I'm a lot of things. Mean, cold, selfish, nice, polite, constantly tired... but above... Continue Reading →

Chapter One: the first blog post

     Am I a consistent, centered adult who knows what she's doing with her life? No. Do I try to be? Eh, sometimes.      Hello, I'm Vanessa and I like to procrastinate and read. I also like movies and TV shows as well as getting too attached to fictional characters. As a person... Continue Reading →

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